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Knowledge-Based Comprehensive Cancer Care

Generate and manage comprehensive, personalized care plans in real time with our cognitive computing platform.

Cognitive computing is the use of computers to simulate expert thinking.

Our Eyellation™ inference engine combines patient-specific data with expert codified knowledge to create and manage personalized and actionable treatment plans based on nationally and internationally-accepted standards of care including the latest genomic-based considerations where and when appropriate.

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Cognitive Computing Platform

VieCure unveils its cognitive computing platform with codified expert knowledge and real-time comprehensive and personalized care plans.  Our Eyellation inference engine combines data, knowledge and technology to support optimal and personalized care in seconds.

We codified knowledge in nationally and internationally-recognized standards including genomic-based targeted therapies, immunotherapies and complex combination treatments.

Our 21st century platform facilitates clinical peer-to-peer knowledge transfer where physicians get immediate access to up to date standards of care tempered with expert knowledge based on the genomic make up of the patient’s cancer, where appropriate.

Clinicians access current expert clinical knowledge, in real time, to create and actively manage patient-specific treatment plans that consider patient history, co-morbidities and genomic-guided considerations. Patient-reported medication and toxicity tracking allows clinicians to monitor and proactively manage side effects and symptoms remotely and in real-time.

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VieCure and Avera Health Confirm Clinical Validation and System-Wide Implementation of Cognitive Computing Platform

VieCure and Avera Health announced that the VieCure's cognitive computing platform will be fully implemented across the multi-state cancer system. The platform was developed through a clinical collaboration between the two organizations.

VCurePrecision is a cognitive computing platform that generates and manages comprehensive, personalized treatment plans in seconds.

The Eyellation inference engine platform combines patient-specific data from the electronic medical record (EMR) with genomic tumor information (when available) to generate personalized treatment plans that comply with nationally and internationally recognized standards of care while considering the latest in genomic based precision medicine where appropriate.

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Patient Engagement Mobile App

Our patient mobile app empowers patients to actively participate in managing their care and communication with their care team.

  • Mobile medication tracking and event reminders
  • Easy and timely communication with care team
  • Self-manage care and side effects management
  • Education about interventions and expectations for symptoms

Our mobile app facilitates engagement between patients and their care team and provides patients with easy access to  important details for current treatment and ongoing survivorship needs.

Matt's Story

Matt is lung cancer survivor (8 years and counting) because of genomic testing and a personalized treatment strategy.

As the Founder/CEO of SURVIVEiT®, he believes it is vital for patients to take control of their care and develop a treatment plan that is specific to their cancer.

Learn more about Matt’s personal battle with cancer and his passion for helping patients to advocate for the best care available.

Know What is Driving Your Cancer

Dr. Brian Leyland-Jones explains why each cancer patient must insist on having his or her tumor sequenced to find out what genetic alterations are driving his or her cancer.

When you know the genomics behind your cancer and the treatments available, you can work with your doctor to determine a treatment strategy specific to you.

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