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Cognitive Computing for Oncology

Our VCurePrecision™ platform, powered by our hybrid inference engine, takes the world’s best thinking to every clinician and every patient in real time.

  • Codified expert knowledge
  • Comprehensive and personalized care plans
  • Interactive patient app
  • Predictive analytics
  • Improve clinical efficiencies
  • Generate higher revenue and reduce costs
  • Ongoing survivorship plans
  • Reduce toxicity and related ER visits and hospitalization

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Patient Engagement and Survivorship

Our patient mobile app facilitates engagement and communication with your team. 

  • Mobile medication reminders, tracking and communication
  • Self-manage care and report side effects
  • Automatic scheduling reminders
  • Early symptoms warning of potential complications
  • Reduced magnitude and duration of complications
  • Dynamic and real-time patient connection

Our app empowers patients with important details for current treatment and ongoing survivorship needs, including medication tracking, lifestyle considerations (diet, exercise), counseling and encouragement (psychosocial, spiritual, financial, lifestyle), longer-term side effects, how to monitor and report toxicities, follow-up visits and scheduling appointments. 

Conferences and Events

Precision Medicine World Conference
January 22-24, 2018
Silicon Valley

Dr. Fred Ashbury will present at the 2018 Precision Medicine World Conference in Silicon Valley. Dr. Ashbury will be part of the Clinical Dx Showcase to address cognitive computing in oncology.