Bundle Blocks 2

Cognitive Computing for Oncology

Our VCurePrecision platform, powered by our Eyellation™ inference engine, takes the world’s best thinking to every clinician and every patient in real time.

  • Codified expert knowledge
  • Comprehensive standard of care plans
  • Plans personalized to the patient
  • Interactive patient app
  • Reduce toxicity and related ER visits and hospitalization
  • Predictive analytics
  • Improved clinical efficiencies
  • Maximize financial return
  • Ongoing survivorship plans

Bundle Blocks 1

Patient Engagement and Survivorship

Our patient mobile app empowers patients to actively participate in managing their care and communication with their care team.

  • Mobile medication tracking and event reminders
  • Easy and timely communication with care team
  • Self-manage care and side effects management
  • Education about interventions and expectations for symptoms

Our app empowers patients with important details for current treatment and ongoing survivorship/wellness needs, including medication tracking, lifestyle considerations (diet, exercise), counseling and encouragement (psychosocial, spiritual, financial, lifestyle), longer-term side effects, how to monitor and report toxicities so they get resolved, follow-up visits and scheduling appointments.