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A transformation in cancer medicine

Personalized medicine has opened up a whole new way to think about treating cancers using evidence-based standards in additon to targeted therapies and immunotherapies, designed to attack the actual drivers of cancer. 

These innovative therapies are significantly improving the odds of survival for many cancer patients who were otherwise compelled to receive multiple lines of treatment using standard of care with substantially greater cost, decreasing chances of success with each line of therapy, increased side effects and poorer quality of life, and in the end most often failure.

Current standards of care follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

Existing chemotherapies do not focus on the specific drivers of the individual’s cancer and while they can destroy cancer cells, they destroy healthy cells too, leading to a lengthier and more expensive recovery.

Unfortunately, these approved standards of care are not personalized to the patient’s individual circumstances.

With the right knowledge and tools, however, the physician can offer patients a personalized treatment strategy that improves the person’s chances of survival. 

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Patient Resources - SURVIVEiT®

Our friends at SURVIVEiT® have developed patient resources that have been reviewed and approved as "best in class" by Team SURVIVEiT®'s medical and survivor advisory boards.

Visit their cancer resources page to find related medical, financial, and support resources specific to each type of cancer.

SURVIVEiT® is a global community of survivors, doctors, experts, and allies who provide hope, knowledge, and resources crucial to surviving cancer.

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, the most important, urgent question to ask is, "What’s next?" SURVIVEiT® provides the answer.