VieCure Welcomes New Chief Technology Officer

Steven Malme will Lead Engineering, Research & Development for the VieCure Precision Oncology Platform

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO (May 2, 2018) VieCure has named Steven Malme as its new Chief Technology Officer. Malme will lead VieCure’s engineering, research & development team and drive continued enhancements to the VieCure world-leading oncology platform.

Malme comes to VieCure from Microsoft where he led Corporate Accounts and Partner Sales in Asia, driving sales performance and an optimal customer experience. He held this same leadership position for Europe, the Middle East & Africa, driving double-digit revenue growth and launching the cloud transformation across Microsoft’s sales team and partner channel. Microsoft offered him the opportunity to work in many senior leadership roles including assuming global responsibility for health care industry sales and Dynamics partners.

Beyond his experience with Microsoft, Malme served as Vice President of Professional Services for OpTx Corp where he was responsible for re-engineering cancer care programs across North America. He also has experience with IBM Corp, where he developed enterprise operating systems, and Great Plains Software, as the Development Manager for the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains solution.

“I believe in the power of transformative technologies to reshape the delivery of healthcare.  By integrating new technology, new business models and new data / knowledge, we have the opportunity to drive a step-change in patient outcomes.  I am excited to join the VieCure team in the fight against cancer,” Malme said of his new position.

The VieCure world-leading oncology platform allows clinicians to generate comprehensive, personalized care plans in real time, based on the genomic drivers identified from next-generation sequencing. The platform combines patient-specific data with expert knowledge to create and manage personalized treatment plans based on internationally accepted standards of care, including the latest genomic-based considerations.


About VieCure (VieCure and related products are the property of Viviphi Ltd)

The VieCure world-leading oncology platform uses data from electronic medical records and lab systems combined with patient-specific data and codified care plans to drive personal medical treatment for oncology patients. The platform considers each patient’s unique circumstances and genomic make-up to support the care team, patient and their family through the treatment process. VieCure includes a patient mobile app that empowers patients to actively participate in their care and communicate with their care team.

VieCure is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado. For more information, visit

Michael G. Power
Chief Business Development Officer

Storm Warning: Old Ways Will Fail in Cancer Care

Storm Warning: Old Ways Will Fail in Cancer Care

Streamlining care with AI decision-support tool. By 2026, there will be ~26 million cancer survivors in America, and more than 2.1 million people who will be newly diagnosed with some form of cancer. Alarmingly, by this timeframe, about 25% of oncologists will be retiring and given current and projected enrollments in medical school, the replacement rate of oncologists will be only 13%.

Intelligent Mobile App Keeps Cancer Patients Out of the ER

Intelligent Mobile App Keeps Cancer Patients Out of the ER

Intelligent mobile app will improve communications between cancer patients and providers and reduce ER visits. Nonadherence to treatment plans is estimated to account for as much as 50 percent of treatment failures overall, and even for cancer patients, whose lives are on the line, adherence can be as low as 14 percent. Technology can help head-off these negative outcomes. Cancer patients become overwhelmed. The complexity and volume of daily medications and symptom monitoring, while they are experiencing life-altering emotional and physical changes, is the perfect setup for mistakes, oversights, stress and hopelessness. Intelligent mobile technology can break these daily tasks into bite-size pieces and deliver them at the right time, relieving a patient’s responsibility to constantly monitor all facets of their care. 

CMS decision transformative for cancer care

CMS decision transformative for cancer care

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) decision to reimburse for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for patients with advanced cancer is a major step to realizing personalized cancer treatment. This reimbursement approval fits perfectly with the expanding use of VieCure’s comprehensive platform for precision cancer care that optimally utilizes NGS within its proprietary VCureEyellation™ AI engine.