VieCure Appoints Pradip De, PhD, to the position of Director, Translational Oncology

CHICAGO — (June 2, 2017) — VieCure (Greenwood Village, CO) announced the appointment of Dr. Pradip De to the position of Director of Translational Oncology.   Dr. De is the Senior Scientist and Head of Translational Oncology at the Avera Cancer Institute Center for Precision Oncology. He holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine.

Over the course of his 20-year career in cancer research (in industry and academia), Dr. De has authored many peer-reviewed articles, editorials, and book chapters. He has also presented his research at several international conferences with over 100 accepted abstracts. Dr. De is a regular reviewer for several leading, peer-reviewed journals, including FEBS letters, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, British Journal of Cancer, Oncologist and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

In his role with VieCure, and in light of his superb comprehension of oncogenic signaling pathways, Dr. De will support the development, maintenance, testing and validation of sequence-guided oncology treatment rules. These codified clinical rules enable the translation of patient specific data into actionable knowledge for physicians. VieCure has created a cogntive computing platform that produces actionable and patient-specific treatment plans in real time.

The comprehensive treatment strategies and plans address the full continuum of cancer care, including prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment (including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, anti-hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy), and survivorship follow-up care. 

Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer of VieCure, highlighted Dr. De’s integral role in the creation of the codified clinical rules that power VieCure's EyeLlation cognitive computing engine. “Dr. De’s active research program in signal translation science is world-class. Thanks to Pradip’s guidance and collaboration, we have built hundreds of rules for genomic-guided therapies to ensure our platform facilitates oncologists’ application of genomic science in real time to improve patient outcomes.”

According to VieCure co-founder Dr. Brian Leyland-Jones, Pradip has devoted his entire career to mastering an understanding of onocogenic signaling. “He rises at 5:00 am and masters the latest contribution to the literature each and every morning. He has been my right hand partner for 10 years and has co-led our precision oncology tumor boards for 5 years. Pradip has created over 250 cartoons of signaling pathways. Most importantly, he has dissected out the very best drug match for each and every specific mutation within each gene and worked out the optimal targeted therapy combinations when several pathways are involved. This knowledge will now be shared with those using VieCure's cognitive computing platform.”

About VieCure

VieCure has created a cognitive computing platform to deliver comprehensive cancer care to patients and providers. Using gathered data from electronic medical records and lab systems combined with patient-specific data and expert codified knowledge, the VCurePrecision™ platform generates comprehensive, actionable and patient-specific treatment plans to accelerate clinical decision making and advance cancer care. VieCure will soon offer a patient app to help cancer patients manage their care and report side effects to their physicians. VieCure is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado.