Storm Warning: Old Ways Will Fail in Cancer Care

Cognitive computing tames the storm by streamlining care

By 2026, there will be ~26 million cancer survivors in America, and more than 2.1 million people who will be newly diagnosed with some form of cancer. Alarmingly, by this timeframe, about 25% of oncologists will be retiring and given current and projected enrollments in medical school, the replacement rate of oncologists will be only 13% (Source: ASCO).

This means by 2026 that 1.9M - 4.5M Americans who have new cancer or require cancer follow-up will not have access to an oncologist, given currently accepted care delivery models and capacity metrics for oncologists.  These estimates do not take into account that 80% of cancer patients are seen by community oncologists who are already operating over capacity.

Clearly, the numbers are frightening. The cancer care storm has become critical; resources will be insufficient to meet demand.   The oncology model will need to adapt and scale and quickly in order to weather the storm.  Enter cognitive computing. Expert-curated oncology knowledge, instantly inferenced to unique and patient-specific conditions, is the most promising way to mitigate the storm. The VCurePrecision platform provides this curated solution.  Faster, personalized and precise.  Using technology to enhance cancer care is not only the best solution; it is the only solution on the horizon.


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VieCure has created a cognitive computing platform to turn data into knowledge and take the world’s best thinking to clinicians and patients in real time.

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Michael G. Power
Chief Business Development Officer

Cognitive Computing Keeps Cancer Patients Out of the ER

Cognitive Computing Keeps Cancer Patients Out of the ER

Intelligent mobile app will improve communications between cancer patients and providers and reduce ER visits. Nonadherence to treatment plans is estimated to account for as much as 50 percent of treatment failures overall, and even for cancer patients, whose lives are on the line, adherence can be as low as 14 percent. Technology can help head-off these negative outcomes. Cancer patients become overwhelmed. The complexity and volume of daily medications and symptom monitoring, while they are experiencing life-altering emotional and physical changes, is the perfect setup for mistakes, oversights, stress and hopelessness. Intelligent mobile technology can break these daily tasks into bite-size pieces and deliver them at the right time, relieving a patient’s responsibility to constantly monitor all facets of their care. 

CMS decision transformative for cancer care

CMS decision transformative for cancer care

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) decision to reimburse for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for patients with advanced cancer is a major step to realizing personalized cancer treatment. This reimbursement approval fits perfectly with the expanding use of VieCure’s comprehensive platform for precision cancer care that optimally utilizes NGS within its proprietary VCureEyellation™ AI engine.