Intelligent Mobile App Keeps Cancer Patients Out of the ER

Intelligent mobile app will improve communications between cancer patients and providers and reduce ER visits

Nonadherence to treatment plans is estimated to account for as much as 50 percent of treatment failures overall, and even for cancer patients, whose lives are on the line, adherence can be as low as 14 percent. Technology can help head-off these negative outcomes.

Cancer patients become overwhelmed. The complexity and volume of daily medications and symptom monitoring, while they are experiencing life-altering emotional and physical changes, is the perfect setup for mistakes, oversights, stress and hopelessness. Intelligent mobile technology can break these daily tasks into bite-size pieces and deliver them at the right time, relieving a patient’s responsibility to constantly monitor all facets of their care. 

VieCure’s artificial intelligence platform combines codified expert knowledge with patient-specific data to generate comprehensive, personalized care plans. The platform then shares the most important elements with a mobile app for patients, called VCureMobile. Care is inferenced with every patient encounter with real-time considerations. As part of the platform, the VCureMobile app facilitates communication through patient-reported medication and toxicity tracking with text like messaging between the patient and care team.

“Keeping my patients on their plans and managing the individual toxicities is what I do all day, every day,” said Dr. Keith Thompson, an oncologist in Montgomery, Alabama who treats 65 patients each day and 600 new cancer patients every year.  “VCureMobile makes the patient tracking and monitoring simple and effective.”

Matt Ellefson, SURVIVEiT® Founder and CEO

Living with stage IV lung cancer for over eight years, Matt Ellefson knows the importance of effective communication and a care plan that adapts to a patient’s needs: "I can't emphasize enough how important this tracking and communication technology can be to effective cancer care."

Matt founded SURVIVEiT® to empower anyone affected by cancer with the knowledge and tools they need to survive. "Cancer care is like any critical process, it has to be closely managed," Matt said. "I carry my smart phone everywhere. It gives me turn by turn directions. Why shouldn't it also guide me through my daily cancer care?"

Patient-specific monitoring and real-time feedback is the intelligent way to keep patients on their care plans and avoid complications that land them in the ER. Mobile care tracking technology, like VCureMobile, driven by personalized daily tasks should become an integral part of every cancer patient’s journey.


About VieCure

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We codify the world’s premier cancer guidance from clinical research centers around the world into a technology platform that considers each patient’s unique needs and supports the care team, patient and their family through diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

VieCure's platform uses data from electronic medical records and lab systems combined with patient-specific data and codified expert knowledge to generate and manage comprehensive, personalized care plans in real time. The platform also includes a patient mobile app that empowers cancer patients to participate actively in managing their care and communication with their care team.

VieCure is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado. For more information, visit


Michael G. Power
Chief Business Development Officer

SURVIVEiT® Patient Tools


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