Conferences and Events

ASCO 2018
June 1-5, 2018
Chicago, IL

ASCO 2018

The VieCure team looks forward to attending ASCO 2018 in Chicago to share how our cognitive computing platform turns data into knowledge with comprehensive, personalized cancer treatment plans. 

We will be hosting our meetings at the Waldorf Astoria. To arrange a meeting with the VieCure team, please email


Cognitive Computing Keeps Cancer Patients Out of the ER

Intelligent mobile app will improve communications between cancer patients and providers and reduce ER visits.

Nonadherence to treatment plans is estimated to account for as much as 50 percent of treatment failures overall, and even for cancer patients, whose lives are on the line, adherence can be as low as 14 percent. Technology can help head-off these negative outcomes.

Cancer patients become overwhelmed. The complexity and volume of daily medications and symptom monitoring, while they are experiencing life-altering emotional and physical changes, is the perfect setup for mistakes, oversights, stress and hopelessness. Intelligent mobile technology can break these daily tasks into bite-size pieces and deliver them at the right time, relieving a patient’s responsibility to constantly monitor all facets of their care. 

CMS decision transformative for cancer care

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) decision to reimburse for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for patients with advanced cancer is a major step to realizing personalized cancer treatment. This reimbursement approval fits perfectly with the expanding use of VieCure’s comprehensive platform for precision cancer care that optimally utilizes NGS within its proprietary VCureEyellation™ AI engine.   

Genomics-based research is advancing quickly, that makes it difficult for cancer practitioners to keep up.  The basis of precision, or personalized, medicine is understanding the unique cellular mutations that are driving each person’s cancer.  NGS is a major step forward to know a cancer patient’s unique type of cancer.  Medicare has recognized that knowing the drivers of each person’s cancer is beneficial to treating advanced stage cancers.  VieCure uses sequencing data to generate personalized and comprehensive care plans curated by the world’s top research scientists.  Reimbursement by Medicare will continue the path of broad adoption of NGS and precision care.

Baptist Health to Improve Cancer Care with VCurePrecision™ Cognitive Computing Platform

MONTGOMERY, AL (March 5, 2018) (VieCure and related products are the property of Viviphi Ltd) VieCure and Baptist Health announced today that the VCurePrecision platform will be deployed across the central Alabama cancer network, offering personalized cancer treatment to an estimated 4,000 patients annually throughout the region.  

Baptist Health is a 689-licensed-bed and accredited health system in Montgomery and is the largest provider of cancer services in central Alabama. They have committed to advancing the care offered to cancer and hematology patients through the cognitive computing platform developed by VieCure.   

The VCurePrecision platform allows clinicians to generate and manage comprehensive, personalized care plans in real time. Powered by the Eyellation™ inference engine, the platform combines patient-specific data with expert codified knowledge to create and manage personalized and actionable treatment plans based on nationally and internationally-accepted standards of care, including the latest genomic-based considerations where and when appropriate.

SURVIVEiT® Patient Tools

SURVIVEiT® Patient Tools

Our partners at SURVIVEiT® have developed patient tools that have been reviewed and approved as "best in class" by Team SURVIVEiT®'s medical and survivor advisory boards.

SURVIVEiT® is a global community of survivors, doctors, experts, and allies who provide hope, knowledge, and resources crucial to surviving cancer. 

Their Resource Library provides medical, financial, and support tools specific to each type of cancer.

SURVIVEiT® doesn't replace working with doctors, but rather augments their training with the practical experience of thousands of survivors who've successfully faced cancer.

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, the most important, urgent question to ask is, "What’s next?" SURVIVEiT® provides the answer.