CMS decision transformative for cancer care

VieCure AI Platform and CMS coverage of Next Generation Sequencing enable comprehensive precision cancer care

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO (March 19, 2018) (VieCure) The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) decision to reimburse for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for patients with advanced cancer is a major step to realizing personalized cancer treatment. This reimbursement approval fits perfectly with the expanding use of VieCure’s comprehensive platform for precision cancer care that optimally utilizes NGS within its proprietary VCureEyellation AI engine.   

Genomics-based research is advancing quickly, that makes it difficult for cancer practitioners to keep up.  The basis of precision, or personalized, medicine is understanding the unique cellular mutations that are driving each person’s cancer.  NGS is a major step forward to know a cancer patient’s unique type of cancer.  Medicare has recognized that knowing the drivers of each person’s cancer is beneficial to treating advanced stage cancers.  VieCure uses sequencing data to generate personalized and comprehensive care plans curated by the world’s top research scientists.  Reimbursement by Medicare will continue the path of broad adoption of NGS and precision care. 

NGS is a critical piece to advancing cancer treatment and moving toward personalized care to every patient. It is an important step in a complex clinical decision-making process. Clinicians and patients benefit from NGS data, at the point of care, in conjunction with optimal treatment recommendations.

The VCurePrecision™ AI platform allows clinicians to generate comprehensive, personalized care plans in real time, based on the the genomic drivers identified from next generation sequencing. Powered by the VCureEyellation™ inference engine, the platform combines patient-specific data with expert codified knowledge to create and manage personalized and actionable treatment plans based on nationally and internationally-accepted standards of care, including the latest genomic-based considerations where and when appropriate.

“AI is the use of computers to simulate expert thinking,” said Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer at VieCure. “Our 21st century platform facilitates clinical peer-to-peer knowledge transfer where physicians get immediate access to up-to-date standards of care vetted by expert knowledge based on the genomic makeup of the patient’s unique cancer.”

Patients will have the confidence of knowing that their personalized plan will include the best medical evidence and the latest treatment options.  The platform will also give patients greater access to clinical trials, comprehensive treatment information, and the ability to actively participate in their care with the VCureMobile patient app.

The VCurePrecision platform is interfaced with an institution’s electronic medical record system and is contracted with Baptist Health in Alabama and the Avera Health System in South Dakota. Both are currently implementing the platform.


About VieCure (VieCure and related products are the property of Viviphi Ltd)

We codify the world’s premier cancer guidance from clinical research centers around the world into a technology platform that considers each patient’s unique needs and supports the care team, patient and their family through diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. The VCurePrecision™ platform uses data from electronic medical records and lab systems combined with patient-specific data and codified expert knowledge to generate and manage comprehensive, personalized care plans in real time. The platform also includes a patient mobile app that empowers cancer patients to actively participate in managing their care and communication with their care team.

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Michael G. Power
Chief Business Development Officer