AI is Changing the Face of Medical Treatment

This article originally appeared on HealthTech Zone

When you hear the term “artificial intelligence,” you might picture the evil AI overlords from The Matrix that feed on humans, or the androids in Blade Runner relegated to the dangerous task of interplanetary mining. These representations of AI are definitely entertaining, but Hollywood Sci-Fi movies have obscured the practical applications of AI in the real world.

In the real world, artificial intelligence serves a much bigger purpose. Advanced AI technologies not only help solve complex problems and drive efficiencies but also help improve our lives.

One very practical application of AI is its integration into healthcare to help diagnose and treat patients more accurately and easily.

Here are several ways AI is finding its way into the field of healthcare:

1. AI generates personalized care for cancer patients

Treating cancer involves a complexity of tests and expert analysis in order to determine the best course of action. Historically, these treatment plans have been developed based on a “one-size-fits-all” approach, without much consideration given to the genomic drivers of the individual’s particular type of cancer.

With new advancements in personalized medicine and cognitive computing, however, treatment therapies can now be tailored to a patient based on their individual genomic profile.

Two companies making improvements in efficiency and decision making in this area are Avera Health and VieCure.  

In collaboration with Avera Health, VieCure has launched an AI platform called PrecisionPlan. This cognitive computing platform gathers data from electronic medical records and labs, along with patient-specific genomic information. Next, the data is analyzed and the program then generates a comprehensive and actionable treatment plan that allows the healthcare practitioner to make accelerated decisions.

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Cognitive Computing is the Answer

Build Actionable, Patient-Specific Cancer Treatment Plans

Integrate or embed our cognitive computing platform into your health system or cancer center EMR to make optimal, personalized, and patient-centered decisions.

Our codified clinical knowledge allows for expert-to-expert consultations and actionable patient-specific pathways built in seconds. 

Our platform outlines in detail the most appropriate clinical guidance in chemotherapy, immunotherapy, genomic-guided targeted therapy, anti-hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, supportive care, palliative care and follow up/survivorship that is unique to each patient.

VieCure and Avera Health Confirm Clinical Validation and System-Wide Implementation of Cognitive Computing Platform

VieCure and Avera Health Confirm Clinical Validation and System-Wide Implementation of Cognitive Computing Platform

VieCure (Greenwood Village, CO) and Avera Health (Sioux Falls, SD) announced today that the VCurePrecision™ platform will be fully implemented across the multi-state cancer system. The platform was developed through a clinical collaboration between the two organizations.

VCurePrecision™ is a cognitive computing platform that generates comprehensive, actionable and patient-specific treatment plans in a matter of seconds. It combines patient-specific diagnostic, surgical and demographic data from the electronic medical record (EMR) with codified expert knowledge to generate personalized treatment plans that comply with nationally respected evidence and the latest clinical guidance.